A Nest Bed Can Change a Puppy or Dog’s Life

Dogs are hardwired to seek “dens” for sleep. A den in this context is a small space they can curl into, with something solid behind their neck, spine and rear end. This design makes puppies and dogs feel safe and secure because nature tells them they can’t be attacked from behind, in this circumstance.

Smaller is always better! 

img 9311
Shih Tzu in a perfectly fitted nest bed

Puppies and dogs get the most benefit from nest beds that are barely big enough for them to fit into. The bolster pillows wrap around them, like a hug or a swaddling infant. This gentle pressure contributes to the sense of safety and induces relaxation.

A bed that’s too big loses many nest benefits. Sleep during puppyhood is critical to a puppy’s development, learning capacity and energy. Buying a bed a puppy can “grow into” often leads to puppies that have trouble sleeping and regulating their emotional state.

img 5412
Small puppy in a large nest bed

Things to look for in a great nest bed:

  • Correct size
  • Machine washable 
  • Removable cover
  • Chew-resistant fabric, for puppies and adults prone to chewing
img 8486
Standard poodle in a small nest bed

Dee Green has been a professional dog trainer and canine behavior consultant for more than 20 years. She specializes in puppies up to 18 months, and fearful, anxious and reactive dogs of all ages.


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