Airline Carriers Make Puppy Rearing Easier

Easier Overnights

Puppy whining, crying and barking overnight rattles the whole house, costing busy parents valuable sleep time.

In order to get them sleeping through the night as soon as possible I’ve had success having puppies sleep in an airline carrier on or right next to your bed, for the first couple of weeks.

The confinement of the carrier and sleeping next to you gives them comfort and most importantly, gives everyone a good night’s sleep (except for potty breaks at first!).

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Use a soft bed or make a nest in the carrier that puppy can burrow in. Place the carrier on a towel (in case of an accident) on your bed, or right next to it in a chair, for example.

Easier House Training

With your puppy next to you, it’s much hear them stirring. That’s your cue to get them to their elimination spot. I recommend taking them out every 2 hours for the first 3-4 nights in their new home, but some puppies will need to eliminate more frequently than that. Stirring after falling asleep is a common indicator your puppy needs to eliminate.

Best Transportation Tool

Whether you need to move your puppy around the house, up or downstairs, in the car or a plane, airline carriers handle it all safely and comfortably for your puppy.

Safe-Socialization Vehicle

With an airline carrier, you can safely socialize your puppy to their new world, before puppy vaccines are completed. By keeping your puppy in the carrier, you protect them from the vast majority of communicable diseases, overexcited puppy lovers, dogs you don’t know and more.

There are a multitude of designs and features in airline carriers today.

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Puppy Carrier
img 2531 1
Airline Regulation Carriers
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Den-Like Sanctuaries 

Beneficial Design

The most important design element for your puppy is the ability to walk in and out of the carrier on their own, rather than being placed in there. At least one end of the carrier will zip open and lay flat. That’s what you’re looking for.

IMG 2341
Puppy carrier nap

The second most important design element for puppies is a carrier that isn’t see-through/mesh on all sides. When carriers are mostly dark inside, it’s more reassuring and feels more protected to puppies which means deeper puppy sleep.

A well-rested puppy often means the difference between a lot of whining, nipping and jumping vs. a calmer, more attentive-to-you companion.

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Dee Green has been a professional dog trainer and canine behavior consultant for more than 20 years. She specializes in puppies up to 18 months, and fearful, anxious and reactive dogs of all ages.

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