Flirt Pole Fun!

Below are my top tips for flirt pole success for draining energy, fulfilling instincts (enrichment) and reinforcing behaviors, below, followed by video links. 

The flirt pole drains energy like no other. 

Keep the flirt on the ground to protect puppy knees, ankles, hips. 

Never use the flirt pole for tug, no matter what you see online! 😀

When your pup has the flirt in their mouth, make the flirt “play dead” (zero tension, no movement). 

In the beginning you can toss treats away from the flirt, while you retrieve it. 

At the moment a puppy releases the flirt to pick up treats say “drop it.” Don’t use “drop it” before they release the flirt until you’ve practiced saying the cue at the moment they execute the behavior, on at least 5 separate occasions.

If your puppy or dog is already familiar with “drop it,” feel free to use this cue and reward!

If you never use the flirt for tug, it’s an outstanding reinforcement/reward for self-control, among other behaviors.

What’s a flirt pole?

YouTube video

Flirt pole introduction

YouTube video

Teaching impulse control with a flirt pole

YouTube video

Red Light, Green Light Game (impulse control)

YouTube video

Dee Green has been a professional dog trainer and canine behavior consultant for more than 20 years. She specializes in puppies up to 18 months, and fearful, anxious and reactive dogs of all ages.

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